Ohana College is an Independent not-for-profit Special Assistance School.
It is funded by Federal Government funds topped up with State Government monies. We do not charge Tuition fees but charge $1000.00 per year levy to cover resources and food

Ohana College is a school for high school students who have disengaged from main stream schooling. Our Queensland registered teachers deliver the Australian Curriculum in a different way, the OHANA way.

The school is focused on academic outcomes set in a welfare- based environment. We employ exceptional teachers with a passion for our students. Our compassionate and dedicated Teacher Aides and support staff, which includes, wellbeing staff, youth workers, psychologists and nurses have a passion for students who have faced hardships and incredible challenges. Our students are provided with three healthy meals per day by our in-school cook, who offers a calmness and care that is beyond his Menu. OHANA College’s uniform includes a school polo only. There is no lining up, no school bells, and a very limited change of classrooms.