Through solid literacy, numeracy, well being and life skills, The Spot Academy education program aims to identify areas of talent for which a career plan is developed, owned and actioned by students. A key feature of the program will see the application of a wide range of projects that focus on preparing students for life, work and further training.

We aim to transform students’ lives, giving them the skills to overcome previous setbacks or the tools to understand learning challenges to thrive in life. It takes time to get results as the root cause is often deep and complex.

Our educators focus on building positive and trustworthy relationships, putting students’ emotional needs first. This forms the foundation of the learning environment. Once students are engaged we explore their interests and work with them to understand their ability and skills required to pursue further education or employment. An individual learning plan is developed along with the student taking into account their learning style, speed and life circumstances.

The Spot Academy curriculum is taught in a very different way from traditional schooling. The education program is based on cross-curricula learning utilising Project Based Learning and Social and Emotional Learning to increase students’ interest and engagement. Curiosity is key. Classes are very tangible with teachers adapting their delivery to accommodate the many learning styles using images, audio, writing and touch.

Our frameworks, guidelines and standards are prescribed and supported by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority and Queensland Curriculum Authority to enable students to complete a grade 12 certificate.

Support is important for a young person when growing up, so that is why students have access to our specialised youth nurse, welfare coordinator, psychologists and volunteer mentors which help students on a daily basis. Our mentors are trained to guide, support and encourage a young person to grow and learn through a trusting relationship. They assist students with tutoring, giving ideas for projects or even providing contacts to secure a part-time job.

For further information you can contact Mandy Pembroke our Volunteer Coordinator via email

Our specialised career advisor helps students to match their area of interest and skills to further their education or obtain employment. Our relationships with TAFE colleges, Universities and organisations help students determine their future pathway.