Wellbeing is a state in which every individual realises their potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work/learn productively and thrive (WHO, 2014).

Student Wellbeing and Framework (PDF)

OHANA College staff recognises that wellbeing underpins all human experiences. Ohana College actively promotes a supportive and safe learning environment for all students, by making their social and emotional wellbeing our first point of reference. We provide access to a suite of allied professionals, including a registered psychologist, welfare officer, youth worker and access to external mental health services and youth support. OHANA College staff regularly engage in wellbeing professional development and wellbeing initiatives. We include social and emotional learning as a college developed curriculum subject.

We build a community that has a zero tolerance for any discriminatory behaviours. We celebrate the differences of our students and staff community. The experienced professionals at OHANA college understand that there are complex reasons a young person becomes disengaged from their education. We provide a clean slate and offer a fresh start in a different type of school. Who our students are is important to us.

Our entire school staff provide a nurturing environment inside and outside of the classroom. Our care for our students is reflected in our words and our actions. Our purpose is to support them in their journey to adulthood by providing them with the tools they need to navigate the landscape of human endeavours.

Wellbeing is a focus of everyday at Ohana College.

AT Ohana College wellbeing is our primary focus every day. There are a variety of support staff that advocate, support and encourage students to engage positively with their learning, peers and community. All staff endeavour to build positive relationships with students as a core component of student engagement. Ohana College has specifically trained wellbeing staff to support students in the following roles:

  • Welfare Officer – highly skilled and experienced Head of Welfare on site for counselling and referrals to external agencies
  • Psychologist – qualified psychologists on site for counselling and assessment
  • Nurse – qualified registered nurse on site to triage illness, mental health or health issues
  • Youth Worker – experienced youth support with a focus on attendance, engagement and success for students via community partnerships and enthusiasm.

Ohana College maintains positive relationships with community youth and family services. Students and families are sometimes referred to external services or programs to support their needs. Some of those services and programs include:

Mental Health and Wellbeing
Ph 1300 22 4636 or visit beyondblue.org.au

Headspace provide youth friendly mental health information and counselling.
Call Southport office to make an appointment Ph 07 5509 5900 or, check out eheadspace free online counselling chat service headspace.org.au

Kids helpline 1800 55 1800

Alcohol, drug and mental health counselling liveslivedwell.org.au and Lighthouse Service. Ph 07 5699 8248 Southport Office. Lighthouse is a community-based treatment service for young people with severe and complex mental health needs Lighthouse.

Noffs Street University is a youth friendly service providing drug, alcohol and mental health counselling Ph 1800 753 300 or email qldreferrals@noffs.org.au

The street university provides workshops and activities to engage youth via creative pursuits.

A range of programs to support women and children affected by domestic and family violence.
Ph 07 5532 9000 or visit domesticviolence.com.au

CYMHS is a free and voluntary youth mental health service provided by
Gold Coast Health
07 5687 9225 @ Southport and Robina health precincts.

Bite Back includes youth focused mental fitness activities biteback.org.au

Ohana College does things differently to traditional mainstream schools to ensure students are prepared for the 21st century. They actually feel safe and supported because we additionally provide:

  • Nutritional food served daily to students – breakfast, morning tea and lunch
  • Van runs to the nearby bus station from the campus – collection by bus/mini van to and from Varsity Station
  • Staff that are aware of our Students Wellbeing – regular engagement and focus by teachers and support staff to learn and develop wellbeing initiatives and refer for early intervention programs
  • Adventure Based Learning – outdoor education initiatives that promote confidence, resilience and connection to nature and others

Ohana College includes Social Emotional Learning (SEL)as a college-based curriculum subject. This allows unique opportunities to develop emotional intelligence and is an integral part of our commitment to a holistic education.

Our program allows for a variety of learning activities and programs are sequenced to match adolescent development and presenting year level needs. Guest speakers and programs are included and the opportunity to develop student resilience, impart wellbeing knowledge and develop positive mindset strategies in a safe, supported environment is enjoyed by staff and students alike. Social and leadership initiatives and programs, are integral to encouraging student voice and positive community engagement. Every morning students are asked to check in using the zones of regulation. They learn to identify their own social and emotional wellbeing and learn to respect and consider the wellbeing of others.

Ohana College has a variety of community partnerships to enhance learning experiences, community engagement and positive social outcomes

Partnerships benefit students and their families directly, promote community relationships and develop positive altruistic traits in our students. OHANA College recognises and appreciates the need for community involvement in our programs and celebrates the relationships that are created.